Shampoo & Shaving set

Shampoo & Shaving set

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Do you want to prevent hair loss and get that shiny glow back into your hair?

We have a natural and healthy solution perfect for you!


1. Organic Mango Butter & Argan Oil Shampoo bar 

The ideal conditioner for even the most damaged hair. Argan oil is full of healthy fatty acids and Vitamin E. Deeply nourishing, this natural shampoo bar can even ease common hair problems like split ends and frizz to leave your hair softer, silkier, and shinier.


if you want to genuinely protect your hair in a natural and chemical-free way this is the perfect way to do it!


2. Honey & Rosemary Shampoo Bar

 Dreaming youthful shiny hair?In this natural shampoo bar, the rosemary stimulates your scalp to promote quicker growth of healthy hair. Perfect for anyone who wants long healthier hair, it protects your hair as it grows whilst adding that desired shiny vibrant thick look. If you want to rejuvenate and ensure the longevity of your hair, this is a healthy, environmentally conscious and natural way to do so!


3. Magnetic Soaps Holder


Avoid making a mess with our His and Hers All Natural Soap Holders. 


Fitted with special magnets, our soap holder will conveniently store your soaps and keep them dry.


How to Use Shampoo Bar: Using these bars is simple. You can either use the hands to create a small amount of lather before rubbing the product directly into your scalp. Alternatively, you can create a larger amount of lather to transfer onto your scalp.


Did you know: These products are actually multi-purpose! Try using it as a natural shaving bar to receive all the therapeutic benefits of these essential oils.