Refilling Candles

Refilling Candles

We will take in used candles and recycle them to make new ones!


After the candle is lit it is too wasteful to throw the used container away, and don’t you feel guilty for throwing it away?


Don’t worry bring it to us, tell us your desired scent and we will recycle it into new candles


Reduce waste & save money! 



Join us in protecting the environment.


  • Small: Soy Wax Quantity approx. 50 grams / Glass dimension guide: 40mm
  • Medium: Soy Wax Quantity approx. 160 grams / Glass dimension guide : 60mm
  • Large: Soy Wax Quantity approx. 260 grams / glass dimension guide : 73mm 
  • X-Large: Soy Wax Quantity approx. 380 grams / glass dimension guide : 83mm


  • Container information

    Containers must be fireproof materials and we do not accept any damages to a container during manufacture. 

  • Drop off & Pick up

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